Photography courtesy of Mark Townsend.

Why I coach...

The future of business depends on our ability to harness the power of the change makers. I coach and mentor the misfits; the independent thought leaders, the visionary founders and the CEOs who thrive in adversity and uncertainty by driving progress and pioneering change. 

Since 2001 I have coached corporate teams, entrepreneurs, start ups and creative professionals. I have helped them navigate the edges of their reality in commercialising innovation, technology and creativity. I have facilitated negotiations between corporate clients, creative geniuses, investors and start ups.

I lead opposite sides to their common ground by enabling high performing individuals to look beyond their domain and diverse backgrounds and see objectively what needs to be done to capitalise on ideas and achieve whole returns greater than the sum of the investments. I am exceptional at levelling with coworkers so that ideas and processes are grounded in reality not ego and personality.

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