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Currently seeking

CX leaders who are looking to lower staff attrition rates and recruitment costs through early identification of specific communication skills training requirements.

We would like to visit your centres to listen and observe the different communication styles of team managers and agents to find the patterns that make the difference between success and failure. Our intention is to model the most effective communication styles to show you the difference that makes the difference so that you can get a higher return on investment from training.



To break down the illusions that seperate people by helping them to see the factors within their control that are getting in the way of them being the best communicators they can be.

Who are affectors working with?

Our perfect clients are those engaging in a high frequency of interpersonal meetings and interactions each day; such as customer service teams and teams responsible for stakeholder management.

In the past affectors have enjoyed working with global leaders across a diverse range of industry verticals; communication skills gaps affect people across all industries!


What we do for our clients

The affectors specialise in improving interpersonal two way communication. We create value by helping CX teams to build stronger emotional connections with their team mates, customers and broader stakeholders. Together with our clients we focus on:

  • Reducing cognitive and emotional dissonance amongst employees, customers and stakeholders,

  • Lowering new staff attrition rates and recruitment costs through early identification of specific training requirements,

  • Giving technical experts access to the communication skills they need in order to relate to and build empathy with customers.

Our process involves rigorous:

  • Observation

  • Analysis

  • Collaborative training program development

  • World class facilitation.



TRUE What’s happening; we take responsibility for showing clients what is happening as an expression of their thoughts and feelings so that they can take responsibility for why it is happening and whether they want it to continue to happen.

OPEN Inclusive diversity; the aperture of our hearts and minds is open to new perspectives in terms of culture, gender, age, industry and technical experience.

CAUSAL Practical philosophy; our thinking must always serve a specific clearly defined outcome that is in the best interests of our client’s company, their shareholders and stakeholders. How can we show our clients what makes their work meaningful?

SIMPLE Insatiable curiosity; What aren’t we seeing? What is the most penetrating question we could be asking ourselves? What is the immense opportunity to make things easier for our clients that we can’t see yet?

2014 TEDX talk by founder Matt Jackson