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Communication styles

Every employee can and does affect culture through their spoken and written communications and their behaviour toward others. Are you aware of how the different communication styles used in your organisation are affecting stakeholders?

The affectors’ offer interpersonal communication skills programs designed to strengthen and give flexibility to people’s communication styles. Programs allow participants to apply interpersonal communication skills to real-life work situations. Participants learn to adapt to different peoples’ communication styles and levels of investment in a situation, to anticipate people’s responses and to become clear on the intent and purpose of any significant interaction or meeting. 


We work with clients to bring out the organisational intelligence that exists in their company today. By observing a range of interactions we identify the different communication styles of agents and the interpersonal skills gaps in the organisation. The communication styles of top performing team members are then modelled based on the environment in which they are most effective.

Training programs are designed to address any skills gaps and are delivered to the departments, teams and individuals that are ready to strengthen their skills.

To embed the skills into daily behaviours affectors meet each member of the organisation where they are in their own personal development tailoring the practicing of new skills to the individual’s own preferred learning style, values, beliefs and aspirations. If possible we like to have an informal coffee with every participant before a workshop.

The affectors experience aims to show individuals how they can move to more human centred communication styles.

The affectors experience aims to show individuals how they can move to more human centred communication styles.

Practical interpersonal skills

The specific skills included in training programs depends on the culture and the performance goals of the organisation as well as the current skill level of employees. Below are some examples of the specific communication skills we are working on with our clients today:


Heart skills

Skill: Access greater resources when collaborating with stakeholders & employees.

Outcome: Become more effective at group problem solving and decision making. 

Skill: Enter meetings and presentations with clear intentions & purpose.

Outcome: Build trust with stakeholders & employees. 

Skill: Gaining awareness of your own & others’ rational & emotional needs.

Outcome: Higher engagement between employees & stakeholders in all interactions & meetings.

Mind skills

Skill: Strengthen your ability to view events from new multiple perspectives.

Outcome: Navigate through conflict & reach resolution. 

Skill: Reduce resistance to changing behaviour. 

Outcome: Increase your capacity to learn from & lead others.

Skill: Understand what makes the difference in individual communication styles.

Outcome: Model the most effective communication styles for your organisation so you can continuously create value in all key stakeholder engagements.


Client case studies



Learn new strategies for engaging with stakeholders and collaborating with team members.


Staff developed new ways to manage and sustain energy levels through long periods of high emotional and cognitive pressure.



Develop new ways to communicate with customers using storytelling to create unforgettable experiences.


All BridgeClimb guides strengthened their emotional intelligence and developed a process to track the implementation of new practices and measure their effectiveness through customer feedback channels.



Improve communication between departments and strengthen negotiation skills.

The affectors helped our team develop a shared language for communicating and negotiating and I hear it used almost daily - a rare legacy compared with other team development sessions I’ve been to. They got to know us to make sure our time together was grounded in the real relationships and work we do everyday. They bring intelligent, thoughtful and sometimes challenging ideas to every conversation and an energy that is irresistible. Five stars!
— JOHANNA LOWE Deputy Director, Marketing and Communications THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY


Drive employee engagement with the creative community to help Adobe transform the business model to a subscription service.

This is an era of experience-led business transformation. To be successful, businesses must embrace creative thinking not just having creativity as a process of making things look good or adding the brand at the end. Creativity must have a place at the table

Art and Commerce as a partnership are at the core of the affectors, it is where they were conceived from and they can help you to transform how you successfully take your business forward into the era of experience.
— Clare Cahill, Creative Cloud, Marketing Manager - APAC, Adobe


Strengthen storytelling skills for more engaging and effective pitching of new business ideas.

Without affectors, I know I would have simply delivered a speech. However, with their help, I delivered both an effective and affective message. The real test was at the end of my speaking engagement, I was told by a number of people that the audience had a genuine emotional connection with my message.
— Thomas M. Susen Diversity & Inclusion Council Member, Rabobank


Bring the outcomes and KPIs for diverse departments into alignment with an overall vision.

The affectors gave us some great strategies to work on to enhance our communications skills. The activities we learned are now practiced by the group to refocus everyday and build on our successes and learn from our losses.
— David Moore, General Manager, Cricket NSW


Align cross functional teams around a common vision and purpose as well as increase their ability to solve problems collaboratively.

The transformation from the affectors’ session was unbelievable and was evident throughout the rest of our 2 day event.
Their ability to understand our organisation, connect with our team, and transform their way of thinking was truly remarkable.
They’re a great combination of light and shade and complete professionals. Thank you for jump shifting the attitude and the involvement of our team.
— Donna O’Dwyer, founder CHILL Logistics